Our Second Opinion

Not all financial plans are created equal. And even the best plans need a sober, second look to ensure they are producing optimum results.

At Himmelman & Associates we are pleased to provide a complimentary second opinion of your financial plan. It's a candid and thorough overview of every aspect of your financial life, designed to assess and improve on your financial situation -both now and in the future. There is no fee involved, and no obligation. If our insight and advice can help improve your financial plan, we would consider it a privilege to become your financial advisor.




In the Fall 2019 edition:

The decisions we make each day are deeply influenced by preconceptions and emotions. The Fall edition of Solutions focuses on the effect our emotions can have when it comes to making decisions about finances. Features include: Being aware of cognitive biases can help us make better investment decisions; How an advisor can bring you closer to reaching your financial goals; Investment loans 101; Living solo; and more.