Our relationship with clients starts with the development of a comprehensive financial plan to achieve their long-term financial goals. As part of this plan, we cover the investment, insurance, tax and estate planning aspects of each client's situation.

We strive to serve as our client's chief financial advisor. As part of this role, we coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers. If required, we also tap into our own network of professional advisors.

Our investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature. Operating within each client's risk profile, an investment portfolio is structured which will achieve long-term growth without undue risk. As a result, both our clients and our firm sleep soundly at night.

Tax planning and minimization is a key component of the financial plan for most clients. As part of the overall plan, strategies such as income splitting, prudent use of leverage and family trusts are evaluated.

Each client's account is monitored on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances. In addition, each plan is reviewed annually and appropriate adjustments are recommended.

We make ourselves as accessible to clients as possible. All telephone calls are returned the same business day, either personally, or by one of our assistants.

We believe that our best client is one who is fully informed. As a result, we have a strong commitment to client communication through regular newsletters, seminars and guest speakers. In addition, we maintain a library of some of the very best books on personal finance, available for loan to all our clients.