Common Questions

At Himmelman & Associates we have a realistic view of financial planning. We consider your current situation, your goals, and the strategies required to address the numerous elements that can help or hinder your progress. This comprehensive process and attention to detail has made a significant difference to our clients' financial well-being.
Effective financial planning addresses all of the areas that can impact your finances. Our extensive service offering includes things like investment and retirement planning, risk and tax management, and estate planning to ensure that your financial plan is solid and effective.
Himmelman & Associates brings the stability and security of some of the world's largest financial institutions, with the personal attention of a boutique. We provide experienced advice and your assets are safely held by the national and international financial institutions we work with.

When you visit us, you will receive a complimentary review and assessment of your financial situation. We look at areas such as your investments, retirement plans, pensions, assets, insurance, taxes, and your short and long-term goals. We also assess the elements that could put your finances at risk. Then we perform a comprehensive analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation, and the solutions that could improve it.

At Himmelman & Associates we believe that smart financial planning happens through a disciplined and thorough process. Our approach is comprehensive and systematic, ensuring that every aspect of your financial plan is responsibly addressed for maximum benefit to you.

We work with only the best and most-trusted financial institutions, including Manulife Securities, which oversees each of our client transactions. The combination of our expertise and experience, with the size and security of companies like Manulife, provides a safe, effective and proven method of wealth management.